Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Review: Through Neon Eyes: Zoner

Through Neon Eyes: Zoner by Michael Barnette
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TITLE: Through Neon Eyes: Zoner AUTHOR: Michael Barnette
PUBLISHER: Mojocastle Press

David Jessman has it all. A great job, a wonderful home and wealth. What he doesn't have is a lover, but that's about to change ...

The setting of this futuristic BDSM yaoi story is established by the author early. He describes how the main character, Mr. Jessman was kidnapped by NeuroTech from Megalli-Loran Corporation. He wonders why MLC hasn't tried to get him back, while he waits for someone he's hired to entertain him for the evening. He soon discovers the truth about MLC's desire for him, when Bells arrives.

I believe I felt distanced from both characters because the narrator never allows the reader to get too close to them. The fact that both characters are always referred to by what I believe is their last name is part of that distance. I don't know if the author wanted it that way because of the BDSM theme with one character being a sadistic top, while the other one discovers his desire for the bottom role. I wanted to be able to get inside the characters more and learn more about them. I wonder if the author wanted to stretch the character development throughout the series of stories. I wanted more depth, but they may come in future installments in this series. Based on the cover art, I thought Bells was female, but that wasn't the case. An effeminate male is typical in the yaoi genre. I did enjoy the sex scene, which extended throughout the majority of this installment of the Through Neon Eyes series. I recommend this for yaoi fans and scifi erotica fans, who are willing to take a chance on a series of short, futuristic novellas. This was a fun, entertaining read.

Review by Fred Towers

Reprinted from Rainbow Reviews

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