Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Review: Through Neon Eyes: Control

Through Neon Eyes: Control by Michael Barnette
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TITLE: Through Neon Eyes: Control AUTHOR: Michael Barnette
PUBLISHER: Mojocastle Press

David Jessman has found his lover, what he's lacking is control of himself, the situation he's in and the blond gunwhore known to him only as Bells. Bad as that is for a man used to being in charge, he's finding that losing control may not be that terrible after all.

This is the second installment in the Through Neon Eyes series, and it's a much hotter, erotic story than the first. The first installment was bogged down with telling the reader the background material of the story. TNE:Control is about the developing affection between these two men, the obstacles they face to be together, and the steamy BDSM sex between them.

In this installment, I felt like the writer developed the characters more because I learned about their internal lives. Bells is still mysterious, but the reader gets a better sense of his motives and struggles. There are still some people mentioned, but never seen. Instead of being distracting, it entices the reader to continue reading to find out who they are.

I could finally sympathize with these characters, which wasn't true in the first installment, Through Neon Eyes: Zoner. I highly recommend this installment of the series. Hopefully, the next segment will be just as HOT.

Review by Fred Towers

Reprinted from Rainbow Reviews

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