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Book Review: The Positions of Love: Book 1

The Positions of Love: Book 1 by J.M. Snyder
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TITLE: Positions of Love: Book 1 AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder
ISBN: 978-1-60272-173-9 PUBLISHER: Amber Quill Press

When Matt diLorenzo gives his lover, Vic Braunson, a copy of the Kama Sutra for Gay Men as a Christmas gift, they find it doubles as a handy reference guide to Vic's super powers. All they have to do is test out the positions to see which one gives him what ability ...

Matt and Vic have been living together almost a year now, and this is their first Christmas. Not a big fan of the holiday, Vic is unsure what to buy his lover. Matt gives him two guidelines to go by ~ the gift must be under $50, and must be something sexual, because Vic has some time off during the holidays and Matt plans to spend that time together.

I may be a little biased because I'm a superhero freak, and I crave more gay superhero fiction. There just isn't enough. This installment of Matt and Vic is more erotic than superhero. At this point, they are exploring what lovemaking positions gives him what powers, instead of how his powers can help other people. I can't wait for future installments to see how that side of the story develops.

I did get Matt and Vic confused at times, but the writing was so crisp I didn't worry about it. I just continued reading, figuring that it'd work itself out. The characters are distinctly different in the descriptions, so I don't know why I'd get bumped in who was who. Despite this minor confusion, I fell in love with the characters.

The author does seem to love the word "bulbous" when describing the cock's head. It was used at least twice to describe it in two different sex scenes. Since I wasn't sure what the word meant, it jumped out at me.

One phrase that I fell in love with was "A cutting wind pulled at his robe like a hungry lover." The language in this story is smooth and captivating.

I highly recommend this book to all erotica lovers, romance lovers, and superhero freaks. I can't wait to see how his superpowers manifest themselves in future installments, such as what happens when the top and bottom flip in bed.

Review by Fred Towers

Reprinted from Rainbow Reviews

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