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Bryl R. Tyne: Nerdvana Author Interview

When I asked reviewers to write a book review for Nerdvana, two of them said they'd love to because they love reading Bryl's work. After that I knew I HAD to interview Bryl R. Tyne for my blog. I know you'll fall in love with this author like the reviewers did.

1) What inspired your Nerdvana story?

You called for Nerds and Geeks. You asked that we show how brains are just as sexy as brawn (if not more so). I did as instructed, sat down, and wrote EXPOSED.

Baggage-laden Clay's a geek trying to perform his way to the top of the IT gaming world when he meets Dave--cool, laid-back, easy-going, poser, Dave. Doesn't take long before Clay's infatuated with both Dave and his bike, though... All hell breaks loose when Dave's given the promotion Clay's worked so hard to achieve, but of course, like all my stories, the guys work their way toward their happy ending.

2) How did you get into writing gay erotica?

I wrote. So far, all I've written is LGBT fiction.

Seems like a simple answer, but that's how it happened. I wrote my first story. Then, I stopped and asked myself, "Who in the hell's going to publish this?" Being in the closet all those years had it's disadvantages--one being that I had no clue of the many publishers already publishing the stuff or of the many readers already reading it.

3) What other erotica projects do you have coming out soon?

TOUGH GUY, a contemporary Western with Amber Allure came out on October 31st.

December 10th, JUST WINK, a short story published in Changeling Press's Christmas Sugar Plums will be out.

I'm also wrapping up two novellas that'll be out in 2011, one for Amber Allure called Behind Blue Eyes and one for Dreamspinner Press called Rite of Passage.

4) What non-erotic projects have you written?

All of my works out with Untreed Reads Publishing are non-erotic. Currently, I have a mini-series about an unconventional guardian angel named Zagzagel. The Zagzagel Diaries show that all people, regardless of gender or sexuality, have a guardian angel on their side. I also have a few single titles in the works with Untreed Reads.

Additionally, I write YA Queer Fiction as B.J. Holt, sometimes with my son, Zak Gaap. Our first story will be out the first of 2011 with Noble Gateway Romance. It's titled, NOT QUITE PIZZA.

5) Do you have a website or blog your fans can follow?

Official sites:

Two blogs. One's on my official site, the other is through Google blogger.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Review: Queeroes

Superhero Fiction, Gay Fiction, YA Fiction
Title: Queeroes: Save the Gay, Save the World
ISBN: 1590212150 Publisher: Lethe Press Books
Book Review: Even though I heard that Lethe Press Books released Queeroes because it was difficult to find in the U.S. under the Canadian publisher, I read and reviewing the Canadian copy. I don't know if there are any differences in the Lethe version of the book.
I enjoyed this book, but my partner struggled with it. The difference is that I'm a superhero fiend, and he isn't. He felt that it was too immature and geared toward a much younger audience than him. I found myself as a queer teen in the teen drama. If you're like me and love anything superhero, especially GLBT superhero, you'll want this in your collection. If you're more like my partner and want a gay teen superhero novel with more maturity, you may prefer Hero by Perry Moore.
I found the story line fun and exciting. Bereznai uses humor in the characters, the powers, and the plot twists. The villain's "creations" confused me some, but I didn't let that stop me from enjoying the story. His power was unique, at least to me.
I recommend this book to GLBT teens, superhero fiends like me, and others who can handle the teen drama of being queer, having powers, and still dealing all the other teen crap that goes on.
Review by Fred Towers

Nerdvana Contest

Hey, guys,
Do you want to win a free autographed copy of Nerdvana? Would you rather give one to a loved one? If so, here's your chance.

1) Write your nerdiest, smuttiest experience in 500 words or less.
2) Submit it to me at fredtowers at yahoo dot com by November 15th.
3) Put "Nerdvana Contest" in the subject line.
4) Send your name, address and name of your story in the email.
5) Do NOT put any of your personal information on the story itself.
6) In the email, tell me the name of the person you want listed in the book, if it is different than the author of the contest entry.
7) The winning entry will be published on my blog, after Boy Beaver and Fred Towers decide which story wins.
8) Do NOT enter if it is illegal in your area.

Any entries that don't follow all the rules listed will be deleted.

I look forward to reading your nerdy smut.
Fred Towers

Newest Custom Erotica Writer

I am the newest staff writer for Custom Erotica Source. If you want a customized, erotic story, head over to the site and order one. You can even choose me as the writer.

I look forward to getting smutty with you.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Helen E.H. Madden: Nerdvana Author Interview

Helen Madden is a prolific erotica author, podcaster, and artist. She writes erotica of all flavors. Her stories usually pack an emotional punch beyond the sexual arousal, so you'll find something more to sink your teeth into with her stories.

1) What inspired your Nerdvana story?

The Bully on the Playground was probably inspired by another story I wrote around the same time, called "The Honey Bee," about a dangerous relationship in Victorian England that did not have a happy ending. I honestly think the best stories are ones that don't end happily ever after, and that tragedy and angst work far better in erotica than happiness and warm fuzzy feelings.
For The Bully on the Playground, I wanted to show a really dysfunctional relationship, one where one of the partners can't admit his true feelings or sexual orientation, and the only way he can interact with the person he wants the most is to bully and dominate him. I think I was also inspired by some very naughty and rather pornographic pictures of attractive men having
fun at a playground.

2) How do you feel about a reviewer describing your Nerdvana story as "haunting?"

It was described as haunting? That makes my day. I want to write stories that linger in the brain for a long time afterward, whether because they make people think or make them want to wank. Either works for me. And since I particularly love writing stories that are creepy, spooky, and eerie, then "haunting" comments works all the better for me.

3) How did you get into writing gay erotica?

It was a gradual thing. I started out by writing vanilla hetero erotica after reading through the stories in an issue of PlayGirl. The stories were so awful, I thought, "I could write better than that!" Then I learned PlayGirl paid for those stories, and I thought, "Hell yeah, I can write better than that!" So that was my start in erotica in general. The more I wrote, however, the more I began to explore the possibilities of what was out there in terms of erotica. I gradually moved into BDSM and GLBT erotica as a way to explore various ideas I have about what is erotic and how people interact sexually. Eventually, I made the decision that I should be able to write erotica from any point of view or sexual orientation, and I continue to pursue that goal. BDSM and gay/lesbian erotica are probably the most exciting for me, as I tend to come up with the best story ideas and the kinkiest tales.

4) What other erotica projects do you have coming out soon?

I recently wrapped up the third season of my erotica podcast, Heat Flash. For three years, I wrote, recorded and produced at least one erotica short story every week. I had 164 stories when I was done, for a total of 300000 words. I'm taking a break from that now to work on a sci-fi noir novel called "The Little Death," which I intend to start podcasting in January, and hopefully publish in print and e-book format later next year.

I have a short story called "Metamorphosis" coming out in February with Freya's Bower. "Metamorphosis" is a coming out story with a twist and is being published as part of the latest Dreams and Desires charity anthology, with proceeds going to an art therapy program for women's shelters. In addition, I have a short story coming out with Dreamspinner Press called
"The Sower and the Reaper." That's another gay erotica story, one that focuses on the idea of sacrifice and how it affects people.

5) What non-erotic projects have you written?

Probably the closest thing I have to a non-erotic project is my weekly web comic, "The Adventures of Cynical Woman," which is about my life as a stay-at-home mom and erotica writer. I once did an interview for the Balticon Podcast, and the interviewer was rather surprised to learn that a mom would write sexually explicit stories. My response to that was, "Where do you think kids come from, pal?" I have to admit, I have a very unusual situation in that I don't use a pen name and I'm pretty open about what I do with my writing. I've encountered very little negative response, which I understand is pretty rare. The web comic is my way of showing the world that erotica writers are basically normal, everyday people too.

6) Do you have a website or blog your fans can follow?

I have two websites. The first is my writing and art website, Cynical Woman, at This is the home for my web comics, weekly blog posts, online art gallery and other miscellaneous stuff. Then there's the Heat Flash Erotica Podcast at I'm on hiatus right now, but all 164 episodes of the show are available for download in MP3 format. And they run under a Creative Commons 3.0 license, so they're free to share!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nerdvana at GLLA

In August, I attend the Great Lakes Leather Alliance and promoted Nerdvana. I donated two autographed copies to raise money for their leather contestants' travel fund. One went to the boot black winner and the other went to the overall travel fund. They both sold for $25 a piece. Congrats to the winners of the contests and the winners of the books in the silent auction. Happy Reading!!!

Also, I read an excerpt during the Saturday night Bedtime Stories event. The women in the audience enjoyed it, but I'm not sure about the one straight man. At the pool with my honey afterwards, I sold another copy to a straight woman who loves gay erotica.

Erotically yours,

Gay League

My superhero book reviews will be published on Gay League. You may have read them here, but if you want to find out more about LGBT superhero fiction, head over and check out the site.

You'll enjoy it, I promise. Up, up and away, queer superhero freaks!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rob Rosen: Nerdvana Author Interview

Over the years, I have read several of Rob Rosen’s gay erotica and admired how prolific he is with writing and submitting to various anthologies. I felt pleased to receive his story for Nerdvana. I look forward to reading more of his work and hope you will be too.

1) What inspired your Nerdvana erotica story?

First off, I love geeks and nerds, sexy wallflowers, cute brainiacs, so the whole anthology concept was fun for me. Also, I worked in a lab on a college campus for 9 years, so the setting for my story was an obvious choice. Throw in a randy jogger and a lab geek working late and you have the perfect recipe for a hot encounter.

2) How did you get into writing gay erotica?

I was totally discovered. Kind of like Lana Turner at Schwab's Pharmacy, only with, um, blow jobs and, uh, back rooms. But seriously, the editor at Men Magazine read my work online, loved it, and asked if I'd be interested in writing erotic fiction for their several magazines. Up until then, I'd been writing mainstream fiction. Still, I jumped at the chance and wrote for them for 5+ years, my work appearing in about 40 issues of Men, Freshmen, and [2], all now sadly defunct.

3) What other erotica projects do you have coming out soon?

I write mainly short stories for erotic anthologies and have over a dozen scheduled to come out, thus far, through the end of the year. Nerdvana is published by Starbooks Press, and with them alone I have stories in the upcoming: Gym Buddies and Buff Boys, Who's Your Daddy?, Big Holiday Packages, Video Boys, and Rock & Roll Over. So please check them out on Amazon when they're available.

4) What non-erotic projects have you written?

Beyond gay erotica, gay non-fiction, and my novels, I also write speculative fiction for the teaming masses. I love writing about zombies and vampires and ghouls of all shapes and sizes, always with a comic twist. To that end, I've been published in more than 50 anthologies, with new ones hitting shelves monthly. My novels, "Sparkle: The Queerest Book You'll Ever Love" and "Divas Las Vegas", winner of the 2010 TLA Gaybies for Best Gay Fiction, are both comic murder mysteries, with a slight erotic bend to them. And I'm working on getting my third novel out now, "Hot Lava", set in beautiful Waikiki.

5) Do you have a website or blog your fans can follow?

Sure, please visit me at I'm always updating my site on all things Rob Rosen.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stephen Osborne: Nerdvana Author Interview

Stephen Osborne and I have published stories in several anthologies. Even though we live in the same city, we met through an editor for an anthology that accepted stories from both of us. Stephen is a very prolific author, and I am pleased to introduce him to you.

1) What inspired your Nerdvana story?

I have been a card-carrying nerd as long as I can remember, but for some strange reason in high school and college many of my friends were jocks. The party depicted in "The Grand Deception" is based on a real event. The names have been changed to protect the Now-Married-With-Children.

2) How did you get into writing gay erotica?

When I started sending out my stories, I wrote three, two of which were simple love stories. I saw a request for submissions to Jesse Grant's anthology "Hustlers" and thought why not give it a try. I wasn't holding out much hope for that story (Bus Stop) as I really didn't read erotica and thought it would be rejected. It was my first story accepted! Go figure!

3) What other erotica projects do you have coming out soon?

I'm included in Teammates, edited by Eric Summers (Starbooks Press), Skater Boys edited by Neil Plakcy (Cleis Press) and have 2 stories in Rock and Roll Over, edited by Eric Summers. I also have a story in Video Boys, edited by Mickey Ehlach (Starbooks Press) and a few others.

4) What non-erotic projects have you written?

I've written a book of ghosts stories and legends called South Bend Ghosts and Other Northern Indiana Haunts (Schiffer Books) and have stories in Best Gay Love Stories 2010 edited by Brad Nichols (Alyson Books), Queer Wolf, edited by James E.M. Rasmussen (Queered Fiction), and Best Gay Love Stories: Summer Flings, also edited by Brad Nichols.

5) Do you have a website or blog your fans can follow?

I don't have a website right now. Maybe I'll get one if I think people would be interested. I can be followed on Twitter under the name southbendghosts and I have an author page on the Goodreads site (

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nerdvana Releases

Starbooks Press releases Nerdvana edited by Fred Towers. This shows that brainiacs, nerds, geeks, dorks and more are sexy. Nerdly hot gay erotica!

Let me know what you think.

Nerdly, hotly yours,