Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nerdvana at GLLA

In August, I attend the Great Lakes Leather Alliance and promoted Nerdvana. I donated two autographed copies to raise money for their leather contestants' travel fund. One went to the boot black winner and the other went to the overall travel fund. They both sold for $25 a piece. Congrats to the winners of the contests and the winners of the books in the silent auction. Happy Reading!!!

Also, I read an excerpt during the Saturday night Bedtime Stories event. The women in the audience enjoyed it, but I'm not sure about the one straight man. At the pool with my honey afterwards, I sold another copy to a straight woman who loves gay erotica.

Erotically yours,

Gay League

My superhero book reviews will be published on Gay League. You may have read them here, but if you want to find out more about LGBT superhero fiction, head over and check out the site.

You'll enjoy it, I promise. Up, up and away, queer superhero freaks!