Thursday, December 25, 2008

Book Review - Fairy Tale

Hey, my story, Betrothed Fairy's Tail was highlighted in a review of the mixed sexual orientation fairy tale erotica collection, Fairy Tales Can Come True. I'm so excited.


Book Reviewed: Fairy Tales Can Come True

"Natasha Brooks did a delightfully sinful job of editing these titillating tales. And, I love it that she points out that, “The thing most people don’t know is that fairy tales were not originally intended for children, but were stories told primarily for adults around medieval campfires. Because these stories were intended for adults, they were often violent and contained sexual content for entertainment purposes” (p. 165). So, this book is going back to the roots of fairy tales as far as gearing them towards adults.

Three tales I was particularly taken with for their inventiveness and humor are: “Betrothed Fairy’s Tail (love that wordplay),” “Once Upon a Wet Dream” and “Size Doesn’t Matter.” For instance, in “Size Doesn’t Matter,” being only a little over six inches tall doesn’t stop a male fairy from sexually pleasing a full-grown human female. Wonder how? Then pick up a copy!”

Happy Teasingly Hot Holidays!
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Books 4 Sale

I meant to have this posted in time for Christmas shopping, but my computer died. Hopefully, you'll find a great gift idea for Valentine's Day.


WARNING: Several Fred Towers books are erotica. DO NOT follow links if you are underage.

1)“Betrothed Fairy’s Tail” in Fairy Tales Can Come True: The Very Best Erotic Fairy Tales, edited by Natasha Brooks, published by Emerging Edge Publishing,
A mixed sexual orientation collection you can purchase in paperback or ebook.

2)“Pretty in the Hood” in Flesh to Flesh: An Erotic Anthology, edited by Lee Hayes, published by Strebor Books International
An African American gay male erotica collection from Zane’s publisher.

3)“Dragon’s Lair” in Ultimate Gay Erotica 2008, edited by Jesse Grant, published by Alyson Books
A gay erotica collection with my gay, female-to-male superhero story.

4)“Rodeo Circuit” in Muscle Worshipers, edited by Eric Summers, published by Starbooks Press
A gay erotica collection about muscle men.

5)“Moving Day” in Bearotica: Hot, Hairy, Heavy Fiction, edited by Ron Suresha, published by Alyson Books
An erotica collection for the gay subculture of bears. Used copies are still available. Ron Suresha is considering rereleasing it from his bear imprint of Lethe Press.

Coming Soon:

1)“Revenge Visits Vegas” in Ultimate Gay Erotica 2009, edited by Jesse Grant, published in early 2009 by Alyson Books

2)Nerdvana, edited by Fred Towers, published in 2009 by Starbooks Press

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Short Story Sale

My story, Betrothed Fairy's Tail is now available from Fairy Tales Can Come True, a pansexual erotic fairy tale collection from Emerging Edge Publishing. The collection is available as an ebook and paperback at the publisher or at Amazon.

I read part of this story at Saints and Sinners Literary Festival during a reading panel.

Let me know what you think of my story.



Recently, I've been busy with selecting stories for Nerdvana, a collection of gay male geek erotica. Starbooks Press will publish it in 2009. When it gets further along, I will share more details.