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Book Review: Tears of Gold

Tears of Gold by Dana Erikson
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TITLE: Tears of Gold AUTHOR: Dana Erikson
ISBN: 1-60180-021-5 PUBLISHER: Mojocastle Press

Merrick chose to become a soldier to protect his friend, a young man named Ambrose. He returns to his home, only to find Ambrose is missing. His rescue mission lands him back in the arms of a man from his past.

Is love really lost forever? Or can time and maturity change everything? Merrick Underson has the chance to tempt fate once again. But will he make the right choice this time?

The book opens with an erotic scene between Lord Andrus and his slave, Ambrose. Soon, the reader realizes that Ambrose was Merrick's lover, and he escaped from their village after being attacked. Merrick goes on a quest to find him. As Merrick travels, he discovers that the place where he grew up isn't the same. It has become a dark place where friends have been raped, tortured, killed, or are slaves.

The reader may think this is a historical romance, but will find that it's a dark and dangerous quest where love may not survive. This story is well written, fast paced, and intriguing. Merrick has to fight demons within him and throughout his journey.

There are times when modern language doesn't seem appropriate in the historical time period of the story, but the reader will enjoy the story if they can overlook these terms. For example, " the first chapter says, "the king had outlawed same-sex relationships." That phrase threw me at first.

I highly recommend this story. Don't expect a happy ending, but be surprised if it happens. This story is more about the journey, than about living happily ever after. You'll be surprised by the twists and turns of this fascinating story.

Review by Fred Towers

Reprinted from Rainbow Reviews

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