Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stephen Osborne: Nerdvana Author Interview

Stephen Osborne and I have published stories in several anthologies. Even though we live in the same city, we met through an editor for an anthology that accepted stories from both of us. Stephen is a very prolific author, and I am pleased to introduce him to you.

1) What inspired your Nerdvana story?

I have been a card-carrying nerd as long as I can remember, but for some strange reason in high school and college many of my friends were jocks. The party depicted in "The Grand Deception" is based on a real event. The names have been changed to protect the Now-Married-With-Children.

2) How did you get into writing gay erotica?

When I started sending out my stories, I wrote three, two of which were simple love stories. I saw a request for submissions to Jesse Grant's anthology "Hustlers" and thought why not give it a try. I wasn't holding out much hope for that story (Bus Stop) as I really didn't read erotica and thought it would be rejected. It was my first story accepted! Go figure!

3) What other erotica projects do you have coming out soon?

I'm included in Teammates, edited by Eric Summers (Starbooks Press), Skater Boys edited by Neil Plakcy (Cleis Press) and have 2 stories in Rock and Roll Over, edited by Eric Summers. I also have a story in Video Boys, edited by Mickey Ehlach (Starbooks Press) and a few others.

4) What non-erotic projects have you written?

I've written a book of ghosts stories and legends called South Bend Ghosts and Other Northern Indiana Haunts (Schiffer Books) and have stories in Best Gay Love Stories 2010 edited by Brad Nichols (Alyson Books), Queer Wolf, edited by James E.M. Rasmussen (Queered Fiction), and Best Gay Love Stories: Summer Flings, also edited by Brad Nichols.

5) Do you have a website or blog your fans can follow?

I don't have a website right now. Maybe I'll get one if I think people would be interested. I can be followed on Twitter under the name southbendghosts and I have an author page on the Goodreads site (

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