Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bryl R. Tyne: Nerdvana Author Interview

When I asked reviewers to write a book review for Nerdvana, two of them said they'd love to because they love reading Bryl's work. After that I knew I HAD to interview Bryl R. Tyne for my blog. I know you'll fall in love with this author like the reviewers did.

1) What inspired your Nerdvana story?

You called for Nerds and Geeks. You asked that we show how brains are just as sexy as brawn (if not more so). I did as instructed, sat down, and wrote EXPOSED.

Baggage-laden Clay's a geek trying to perform his way to the top of the IT gaming world when he meets Dave--cool, laid-back, easy-going, poser, Dave. Doesn't take long before Clay's infatuated with both Dave and his bike, though... All hell breaks loose when Dave's given the promotion Clay's worked so hard to achieve, but of course, like all my stories, the guys work their way toward their happy ending.

2) How did you get into writing gay erotica?

I wrote. So far, all I've written is LGBT fiction.

Seems like a simple answer, but that's how it happened. I wrote my first story. Then, I stopped and asked myself, "Who in the hell's going to publish this?" Being in the closet all those years had it's disadvantages--one being that I had no clue of the many publishers already publishing the stuff or of the many readers already reading it.

3) What other erotica projects do you have coming out soon?

TOUGH GUY, a contemporary Western with Amber Allure came out on October 31st.

December 10th, JUST WINK, a short story published in Changeling Press's Christmas Sugar Plums will be out.

I'm also wrapping up two novellas that'll be out in 2011, one for Amber Allure called Behind Blue Eyes and one for Dreamspinner Press called Rite of Passage.

4) What non-erotic projects have you written?

All of my works out with Untreed Reads Publishing are non-erotic. Currently, I have a mini-series about an unconventional guardian angel named Zagzagel. The Zagzagel Diaries show that all people, regardless of gender or sexuality, have a guardian angel on their side. I also have a few single titles in the works with Untreed Reads.

Additionally, I write YA Queer Fiction as B.J. Holt, sometimes with my son, Zak Gaap. Our first story will be out the first of 2011 with Noble Gateway Romance. It's titled, NOT QUITE PIZZA.

5) Do you have a website or blog your fans can follow?

Official sites:

Two blogs. One's on my official site, the other is through Google blogger.

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