Monday, October 12, 2009

5 Top Queer Mystery writers come to Indy Oct 17th!

I am sooo excited to announce this. My writer friend, Greg Herren and an writing acquaintance, along with others, will be coming to Indy this coming weekend. :-D I hope I can hook up with one or more of these writers for dinner or lunch this weekend.

I absolutely love Ellen Hart's Jane Lawless mysteries and Greg Herren's Scotty series (I haven't read a Chanse yet). I'll have to buy one for this event.

See you there,

Listen to and Meet the top queer mystery authors in the nation! Pick up your free ticket at Out Word Bound!

Event to be held at Theatre On The Square (TOTS), 637 Mass Ave. ~ Limited Cabaret seating

* * Pre-purchase a book and go to the front of the autographing line!

Don't miss...

Anthony Bidulka, author of 'Aloha, Candy Hearts', the latest in the Russell Quant series

Ellen Hart, author of 'Sweet Poison' and 'Mortal Groove', the latest in the Jane Lawless series

Greg Herren, author of 'Murder in the Rue Ursulines', the latest in the Chanse MacLeod series

Neil Plakcy, author of 'Mahu Vice', the latest in the Mahu series

Mark Zubro, author of 'Hook, Line & Homicide,' the latest in the Paul Turner series and 'Schooled in Murder,' the latest Tom and Scott mystery

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