Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Book Review: Boy Meets HERO

Boy Meets HERO by Chayne Avery & Russell Garcia
TITLE: Boy Meets HERO AUTHOR: Chayne Avery & Russell Garcia
ISBN: 978-3-86187-891-9 PUBLISHER: Bruno Gmunder

BOOK REVIEW: I absolutely loved this graphic novel. The illustrations really popped. The colors in the illustrations were magnigicient. The story was well thought out and had several twists. Even though this graphic novel wasn't as sexual as Dick Master by Roy Klang, but I liked it that way. I think the lack of explicit sex in this graphic novel will make it more appealing to heterosexial superhero fans than Dick Master. I really liked the profiles of the characters at the end describing their abilities and their biography. I recommend this to readers who love gay romance fiction, gay superhero stories, and graphic novel readers of all sexual orientations and ages above 13. The superheroes and supervillians have great powers.

Review by Fred Towers

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